Smart Agriculture
monitor the agricultural fields remotely and assess the basic condition of the field.

Smart Agriculture Solution - Change The Way Of Farming

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of agricultural land and efficienly plan and carry out agricultural operations.

Better Control,
Low Risk
Better control over the agricultural processes and as a result, lower production risks.

Enhanced Quality and Volumes

Achieve better control over the production process and maintain higher standards of crop quality and growth capacity through automation.

Reduced Cost, More Revenue

Autonomous robotic into agriculture remains the goal of reducing reliance on manual labor, while increasing efficiency, product yield and quality to generate more revenue.


Plan, Monitor, Analyze & Optimize Your Field.



Soil Monitoring

Inefficient Soil & Surrounding Condition Testing

A Solution to resolve the difficulty of manual soil testing and the surrounding environment. An automated analysis to be aware of the soil moisture level, pH, temperature, humidity.

Weather Tracking

Weather monitoring & forecasting

Precise weather and weather forecasting for each individual field is recorded, updated hourly and available to check remotely.

Solar Tracking

Renewable Power Supply

Supply the Electricity required for the farmland and perform as an alternative power source by orienting a solar panel towards the direction of the Sun.

Field History

Monitoring of agricultural land

Vegetation, precipitation, soil moisture and weather history report.

Water Supply

Water Pump ON/OFF

Get exact knowledge about the detailed conditions of the agriculture field of concern and then Switch ON/OFF the pump remotely if it is required to feed water on the land or not.

Profit & Loss

Log of Profit & Loss

Calculate field level profit/loss by standalone analytics based on your input expenses and rates.

How It Works

Monitors critical parameters 24x7x365 from your farm and uploads it to cloud platform.

The data is then analyzed and accessible to you anytime, anywhere on any device.

Predict the ideal growth conditions, resource requirements and other preventive measures.

Get notified on device and acts accordingly remotely.