Predictive solution for risk monitoring and mitigation

At region, plot and crop level

AI and machine-learning detect cropping patterns and predict the future of the crop, highlighting associated risk and opportunity.

  • Predictive and prescriptive advisory to farmers
  • Get insights into crop susceptibility & monitor risk in real-time
  • Track lending data and reduce NPAs
  • Expand lending portfolios to new regions


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What is PowerAgri?

PowerAgri is an AI-powered Risk Mitigation Solution for agri-lending and crop insurance. PowerAgri uses insights collected using Satellite Imaging, Field Sensors, and ground truth to provide prediction modeling & near-real-time insights that help establish the historical performance of farm plots, improve yield output, minimize crop losses, get insights on water stress, and much more.

Key Features

  • Crop and location agnostic AI Model
  • Historical data insights at plot & pincode levels
  • Agri-worthiness report
  • Farm intelligence based on NDVI, NDRE, Leaf Area Index, etc
  • Water stress assessment
  • Relative Growth Index for benchmarking
  • Predictive modeling for yield, diseases, weather, and harvest date estimation
  • Interactive dashboard for business intelligence & reporting


  • Data-backed intelligent crop selection
  • Crop cycle stage identification
  • Regional & plot-level crop performance monitoring
  • Yield estimation
  • Crop failure and weather-associated risk forecasts
  • Output predictability
  • Efficient harvest management
  • Enhanced yield quality & quantity
  • Minimized crop loss
  • Real-time crop & credit-risk assessment

Solving with PowerAgri

Agri Lending

  • Access digitized farmer profiles and predict farmer income
  • Reduce loan processing time
  • Crop performance insights at plot level
  • Detect crops and stage to ensure optimum usage of funds
  • Monitor crop health and share advisory
  • Match documented output vs predicted output with yield estimation
  • Benefit from harvest date estimation to ensure timely loan recovery
  • Pests and disease infestation alerts to minimize crop losses and NPAs

Crop Insurance and Protection

  • Leverage digital KYC 
  • Benchmark historical yield figures to monitor discrepancies
  • Adjust variable pricing based on near-real-time weather, pest, and disease alerts
  • Audit claims better with insights on affected farm areas
  • Detect crop sown to validate insured crop vs crop being cultivated
  • Compare actual vs claimed loss of yield
  • Yield estimation through Crop-cutting Experiments (CCE) for various crops across regions

Risk Hedging

  • Regional and Plot-level crop detection and yield assessment/prediction
  • Smart sourcing and price hedging
  • Regional harvest and maturity movement
  • Crop health and acreage distribution analysis
  • Forecast crop failure and weather associated risks
  • Disease and pest early warning system
  • Crop stage monitoring
  • Relative growth index analysis

Who should use our predictive intelligence solution?

Farming Companies

Seed Production Companies

Food Processing Companies

Agri-Input Companies

Development Agencies

Agri Lending Companies

Government Organizations

Agri Insurance Companies

Enterprises and institutions leveraging predictive intelligence for risk monitoring and mitigation


bed of red petaled flowers  

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) is the world’s largest crop insurance program implemented in 250k panchayats across India.

  • Accurate smart sampling
  • Crop detection
  • Yield benchmarking
  • Scale : 50+ districts
  • Accuracy - 92%
person watering plant  

Rainforest Alliance is using our AI-powered risk mitigation & crop protection solution to identify cacao plants, predict yields, and get disease alerts.

  • Black Pod Disease identification with an accuracy of 80%
  • Accuracy of yield prediction scaled up to 90%
  • 3x increase in yields
red round fruits on green leaves  

Measure effectiveness of Rice Variety given to farmers in West Bengal & Bangladesh by the largest seed company.

  • Crop health & yield models
  • Measuring & tracking seed performance
  • Scale - 100% of farmlands in Bangladesh & 5 districts in West Bengal.

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