Partnering with insurance companies to grow their agri-insurance portfolio

Cropin’s solutions solve challenges insurance companies face - risk variability, claim verification, insights into crop losses, farmer verification, plot-level insights, regional level insights, and help minimize the cost of operations by automating disbursals.

We help you adjust premiums in real-time, monitor crop susceptibility, help you pinpoint affected crops, send weather, pest and disease alerts, and identify malpractice. Grow your agri-insurance portfolio with our solution`s while reducing your claim approval process time.

Challenges plaguing the agri-insurance industry:

  • Get real-time credit and risk assessment
  • Use satellite data as an alternate data source to monitor discrepancies
  • Leverage historical data insights to measure yield performance at plot level
  • Predictive intelligence at region, plot and crop level
  • Monitor risk, adjust premiums and validate claims

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