Agri-Supply Chain Traceability Solution

Enabling food traceability and compliance

With smarter inventory, packhouse and customer order management

  • Farm-to-fork traceability
  • Quality control and better marketability
  • Flexible inventory management
  • SKU tagging
  • Enhanced visibility


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What is PowerAgri?

 Keep your supply chain in check with PowerAgri. This comprehensive traceability solution makes managing inventory accuracy, tracking, and product diversification a breeze. With PowerAgri, you'll be able to effortlessly oversee your entire production process - from the field to the packinghouse to processing and beyond. Plus, with QR-code integration, you can provide easy end-user traceability when needed. Make sure your business is operating as smartly as possible with PowerAgri!

Key Features

  • Complete inventory control
  • Remote monitoring of warehouse operations
  • Batch number based unique identification of items
  • Audit forms to capture quality parameters while in storage
  • Streamlined order management & fulfillment
  • Tamper-proof, Anti-counterfeit labels
  • Map to different markets & compliances


  • Better visibility of inventory & processes
  • Maximize productivity & profitability
  • Address stocking and wastage challenges
  • Zero errors while fulfilling orders
  • Ensure product quality and food safety
  • Build credibility with information transparency
  • Save time and money with prompt recalls

Solving with PowerAgri


  • Receive and transfer inventory
  • Issue/return inventory
  • Write-off inventory
  • Batch number based unique identification
  • Manage & monitor quality parameters even in storage.


  • Schedule process
  • Create process types defining allowed input & output inventory types
  • Multiple input items merged to form a new inventory
  • Output inventory of process to have unique batch number and QR Code


Customer Order

  • Create customer
  • Create customer product preferences
  • Assign items from inventory to customer order
  • Create packing lists for customer
  • Ship to customer

Who should use our Agri-Supply Chain Traceability Solution?

Farming Companies

Seed Production Companies

Food Processing Companies

Agri-Input Companies

Development Agencies

Agri Lending Companies

Government Organizations

Agri Insurance Companies

Enterprises and institutions leveraging our last mile traceability solution

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Sucafina, a leading sustainable Farm-to-Roaster coffee company partnered with Cropin to implement our farm digitization & packhouse solution in Uganda, Rwanda & Burundi.

  • 100% end to end traceability
  • Farm & farmer records
  • 100% visibility of the packhouse and processing

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Punjab Agro partnered with Cropin to implement a packhouse management solution to manage upstream & downstream.

  • 100% digitization of inventory
  • 100% adherence to responsible sourcing
  • Managed and packed over 3.5 million metric tonnes of produce

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Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI), an associate organization of Tata Trusts drives farm digitization efforts in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha and Jharkhand.

  • Farm digitization
  • Farmer record digitization
  • Improved farmer income
  • Efficient input sourcing & risk management

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