Partnering with the farming industry

Cropin enables farming companies with the most accurate and actionable data to make strategic decisions. Our solutions help improve farm operations visibility, field officer productivity, input usage - everything you need for a successful harvest!

We provide insights into acreage trends so that decision-makers can be prepared before setting out on their next venture or simply looking back at past successes for guidance as they plan ahead. With our robust analytics platform powered by machine learning algorithms based off field data from your farms – no detail goes unnoticed when it comes down analyzing and estimating yields.

Challenges plaguing the farming industry:

  • Inaccurate record-keeping
  • Farm & farmer profile digitization
  • No transparency on farming operations or field officer productivity
  • Yield irregularity & crop losses
  • Harvest management
  • Market linkage

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Solving with PowerAgri

Farm digitization and productivity

Farm geotagging

Satellite data based advisory

Activity plan creation and management

Crop monitoring and advisory

Farmer profile creation

Digitize record keeping

Manage logs and workflows

Business intelligence dashboards

Helping farming companies maximize per acre value

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One of the largest tea corporations based out of India producing 10 million kilograms of tea annually partnered with CropIn to digitize their farm operations covering 50+ plantations and 2500+ acres of the area under cultivation.


  • Digitized their farms
  • Setup weather-based alerts
  • Monitor crop health 
  • Implemented weather-based phenology models
  • RSM and TMB pest occurrence alerts to minimize crop losses

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2Scale created a traceable rice value chain in Africa by digitizing farm operations and adding real-time farm intelligence using satellite imaging.


  • Digitize purchase and post-harvest process
  • Built farmer profiles
  • Business intelligence
  • Brought predictability to the supply chain
  • Improved harvest and acreage

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Cropin helped one of the leading coffee producers to build a sustainable coffee value chain across multiple locations in Africa.


  • Manage farmer certifications
  • Track post-harvest supply chain
  • Monitor input usage
  • Geotag plots
  • Share advisory
  • ICT integration for real-time advisory
  • Impacting 93,000 plots and 30,000 farmers

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