QR code-enabled farm-to-fork traceability solution

Eliminate counterfeiting and ensure quality standards

Access new markets and build consumer trust with seed to shelf traceability

  • Recognize and reward farmers
  • Get end-to-end traceability of your farm operations
  • Improve sourcing, supply chain & production
  • Ensure food safety
  • Improve profitability


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What is PowerAgri?

PowerAgri is the perfect way to ensure that your business gets the best quality produce. With our QR code-enabled farm to fork supply chain traceability solution, you can establish quality benchmarks, eliminate counterfeiting, and make sure that everyone involved in bringing food to our table is recognized and rewarded.

Key Features

  • End-to-end supply chain traceability
  • Patented QR-code labeling
  • Customizable, weatherproof, and tamper-proof labels
  • Scan QR-codes only using CropIn’s app to prevent counterfeiting
  • Monitor & manage downstream using the RootTrace App
  • Share advisory & package of practice to standardize cultivation practices


  • Bring in transparency for consumers & build trust
  • Ensure quality
  • Meet certification standards for export
  • Fetch the right price for producers with certifications of quality
  • Drive profitability & ROI
  • Prevent counterfeiting 
  • Minimize cultivation malpractices
  • Promise adulteration-free goods

Solving with PowerAgri




  • 30% of products in FMCG are counterfeits
  • 80% of consumers are unable to differentiate between counterfeit and legitimate
  • Leverage QR-Code tamper-proof, weatherproof stickers and make your products impossible to counterfeit


  • About 70% of the food ends up being adulterated
  • Eliminate all forms of adulteration - incidental and intentional 
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Set new benchmarks for food safety and enjoy a premium for your produce

End to End Traceability

  • Bring in transparency for consumers and build trust
  • Meet certification standards for export
  • Fetch right price for producers with certifications of quality
  • Drive profitability and ROI
  • Minimize cultivation malpractices

Who should use PowerAgri?

Farming Companies

Agri-Input Companies

Seed Production Companies

Food Processing Companies

Development Agencies

Government Organizations

Agri Insurance Companies

Commodity Traders



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Punjab Agro implements seed traceability of potatoes to avoid seed counterfeiting, meet export quality, manage crops and harvest.

  • QR-code tags to avoid counterfeiting
  • 3.5 million metric tonne harvested
  • 22,000 acres digitized
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Suminter India Organics exports organic produce from India to Europe & North America. Suminter eliminates adulteration, farm digitization, and digitizing farmer profiles.

  • Over 60k farmers digitized
  • 65k plots geotagged
  • 14,000 acres of cultivation area
  • Achieved 100% transparency by implementing QR-code tags.
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Government of Karnataka, the National Bank of Agriculture & Rural Development partnered with Cropin to implement Cropin's end-to-end traceability solution.

  • 21 crop varieties
  • 112 villages
  • Triggered 92,000+ messages around market (mandi) prices
  • Implemented QR-code tags to the produce to enhance produce value

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